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Author Topic: How to renew/extend your Passolig card  (Read 3179 times)


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How to renew/extend your Passolig card
« on: March 11, 2019, 04:18:24 AM »
How to renew/extend your Passolig card

Once a year you will need to renew or "extend" your Passolig card. The fee is the same as what you paid when you initially signed up for the card unless you have been notified otherwise.

You can pay your annual fee from anywhere (including outside of Turkey) with a valid credit card. If you do not pay the annual fee, your card will be deactivated.

To do so, follow the instructions below. You can either do it via Passolig or Passo website.

Via Passolig website
1. Go to passolig.com.tr
2. Select EN (for English) at the top right corner.
3. Click on "Extend E-Ticket"
4. Click on "Extend E-ticket Validity Period" on the page that loads up.
5. Log in using the Passport Number & Mobile Number you used when creating your Passolig account.
6. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Via Passo website
1. Go to passo.com.tr/en (English version)
2. Click "Register" in the top right corner
3. Fill out the details (e-mail, name, gender, DOB, country, password, phone number)
4. Click "Send"
5. Click on the confirmation link sent to your e-mail.
6. Log in to your newly created account and "merge" your Passolig card to your Passo account by    typing in your Passport number, Mobile Phone number and Country.
7. Click "Send"
8. Click on "Extend E-ticket Period" from the menu on the left in your Passo account.
9. Follow the on screen instructions.

Screenshot of Passolig page:

Screenshot of Passo account page: